Making the mini blocks telescope.

Making the mini blocks telescope.

I had heard about these small kits and always wondered wht they were like.  It turns out that they are just the same as normal lego but smaller.  The kit I made in question was this one.

The kit comes in plastic bags the same as a normal lego kit.  The bags marked 1 build the base while the bags marked 2 build the telescope.  The pieces look exaxctly like a normal leg technics kit with blue pins and holes to stick them in.  The only difference is everythings is 2/3 of the size.  This could cause problems if you have large fingers but also give you a nice kit for 2/3 of the cost in plastic and shelf space.  The manual looked like a lego manual except the writing on the front was in Chinese.  The illustrations for putting the stages together were fairly universal though.

Putting it together was fun as there were a few bricks I had not seen before.  These included the flat white pieces that made up the telescopes casing and the triangular bit in the stand.  Most of the build is constructing the mechanism that goes between the stand and the telescope.  It is rather a shame that the joints don't actually work and so the telescope is fixed in that one position.  

In conclusion, it was an njoyable kit to build.  Not too repetative (3 legs and 3 parts of the mai telescope) and looks good.  My only real complaint would be that it is a bit flimsy.  Most of the separate parts are held together with the long x shaped technics poles.  This means it is a bit wobbly should you come to move it.


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