Welcome to OtherBricks.Net

Welcome to OtherBricks.Net

Like a lot of people, I started playing with Lego as a kid. The original space series and some of the first Technics sets are all sat in my loft. Then other stuff came along and eventually it dropped off my radar.  Then one day I was at a computer conference andI dropped my card in a lucky draw bowl. A couple of days later I got a call saying I had won first prize which was one of the big Star Wars kits.  That was my first kit in thirty years.

A while later I discovered Blocks Magazine when it came out.  That gave an insight into how Lego operated as a company and what people got up to on their own with it.  I would consider myself an AFOL.

My only gripe with Lego is that it has become a bit safe as a brand.  Most of it is family friendly licensed kits with a European/US bias.  A couple of Millennium Falcons each year and some City kits for the kids.  

Out in the far east though, things are different.  You can buy military sets, giant robots and a whole host of themes unavailable back home.  There are small kits and big kits and small bricks and big bricks.  OtherBricks.Net will attempt to showcase the best of the kits available by mail order. Finally it goes without saying that none of these kits are official Lego kits.  

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