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Barbatos Mech

Barbatos Mech

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Number of Pieces : 1142

Please allow 14 to 28 days for delivery. Item does not come in a box unless stated.

Imagine a model kit that brings to life a stunning giant white fighting robot, an engineering marvel that seamlessly transforms into a sleek space ship. The robot's design is both elegant and powerful, with a pristine white color scheme accentuated by silver and blue details, exuding a sense of futuristic sophistication. Its articulated limbs and meticulous craftsmanship ensure remarkable poseability. Equipped with a formidable spear, the robot embodies a warrior's spirit, ready for battle. With careful assembly, this extraordinary creation effortlessly converts into a space ship, featuring streamlined wings and a captivating blend of modern aesthetics. This model kit is a captivating fusion of mechanical artistry and imaginative storytelling, a must-have for any enthusiast of sci-fi and mecha aesthetics.

Features include:

  1. Articulated head, arms, legs, fingers and feet.
  2. Comes with a weapon.
  3. Transforms into a flying vehicle.
  4. Printed decorations.


Note: While these kits are compatible with Lego, they are not official Lego products.

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